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Our Programs & Setting

Personalized Plans, Attentive Care


We work with you and your loved one to design a personal care plan that addresses the individual needs of your kūpuna. Our services are customized around the type of assistance needed while following our general programming framework. Below is an example of a typical day at our center. 


Morning Overview

  • Each day begins with a warm welcome and time to socialize and connect with others.


  • Entertaining activities typically follow with uplifting live music, social games, and other planned activities.


  • A nutritious snack and beverages (served in compliance with Hawaii Nutrition Care Program standards) ensure our members stay hydrated and healthy.

  • Light exercises are designed to safely stimulate circulation to arms, hands, legs, and feet and encourage coordination with moves that unite both mind and body. 


  • A warm lunch and personal relaxation time complete the morning program.


Afternoon Overview


  • Afternoons center around a variety of hands-on art projects, social games, and other engaging activities. 


  • Community volunteer visits or social time: A host of community-based organizations partner with us to benefit members through additional social connections and entertainment. These occasional visits from volunteers of all ages create memorable inter-generational experiences for the mutual benefit of all.


  • Personal time and opportunities to relax with various media programs conclude the afternoon program.

Throughout the day, we ensure all participants are provided ample toileting time and any necessary support. 

A Comfortable, Family-Style Setting


Our island-style home setting features roomy indoor gathering spots, beautiful outdoor activity areas, and breezy day rooms for socializing and personal comfort. A split AC system keeps our indoor areas cool and comfortable in warmer weather.

The Great Room

Our Great Room is the ideal setting for our larger gatherings with tables and seating for food service and plenty of space for engaging activities.

The Social Room

Our social room features comfortable easy chair recliners for valuable social connections and a media entertainment area for relaxing personal time. 

Walking Paths, Fenced Yard & Lanai

Well-appointed landscaping that features abundant foliage and flowers provide an ideal setting for short strolls on paved foot paths around the grounds. Our covered lanai offers relaxed outdoor seating in the fresh air. 

Personal Care Facilities

Four ADA-equipped restrooms with handrail bars, high-raised toilets, call buttons, and automatic emergency alarm doors ensure added safety. An ADA shower for supervised assistance is available as needed. 

Want to schedule a complimentary day of care? 

Though we'd love nothing more than to provide free services to all of our current kūpuna, complimentary day visits are for first-time participants only. 

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